Monte Baunk (b. 1992 Johannesburg, ZA) is an emerging digital artist that is featured as the guest resident artist at The Gallery Art Bar. His work in prints and multiples makes collecting quality works at attractive prices possible for aspiring and established collectors alike.

With a focus on a wide variety of topics that address the human condition and our world at large, Monte skilfully narrates his own opinions and perceptions through his work. The viewer is enticed into an alternate reality where layers upon layers of complex themes are effortlessly interwoven and brought together as an open well for the viewer to draw from.

These works are deeply thought-provoking, imbued with hidden symbolism and meaning, and sure to leave the viewer’s mind and soul altered.

What I do
I create art digitally with my trusted iPad and pencil as my medium.

I get them professionally printed on Rembrandt Canvas or carefully selected archival paper in Epson Ultrachrome high pigment acid-free inks. And of course, edition them all by hand.

Current Exhibition

Solo Show at The Gallery Art Bar.

My style
My painting style is bold and vibrant, combining colors and shapes to create emotionally evocative pieces...
Bold colors and unique shapes

as mentioned twice before: my style is bold. like totally bold man. but like pulling it off, you know? not like weird or funny looking in any way shape or form. Look at it. Just below here.

My work